Jonathan Levin Philadelphia Based Attorney – Tools That Took Him To The Top

For Jonathan Levin Philadelphia has been very kind to him since he arrived here a decade ago and began his very own law firm. Jonathan is a serial winner and seeing his name on the opposing bench is enough to strike fear into even the most experienced of attorneys. It doesn’t matter whether the case is about appropriation of state funds or a lawsuit brought about by an expose, Jonathan will always be the man to deliver when he and his firm need it most.

I was lucky enough to be Jonathan’s school friend and we bonded over our love of The Misfits, a band which we couldn’t get enough of. I always knew Jonathan would make it to the top and his move to Philadelphia was always destined to succeed. For Jonathan to get to where he is it required a certain set of skills and here is what he used to get to where he is now.


Jonathan was never the type to go around shouting and balling in order to get people to do something, because he never had to. Jonathan has a way about him that makes people feel very comfortable and he is able to build relationships all over the place. People do things for Jonathan such as favors or tasks because they want to, not because he makes them. Even in the legal world, and in spite of his great success, he still has some very strong relationships with many attorneys and judges.


Being an attorney is not like on the TV and instead of a renegade attorney winning the cases on their own, in the real world it is always a concerted team effort which usually requires a lot of long hours. What Jonathan is brilliant at is not only playing a different role in the team setting depending on where it is needed, but he can also assemble a great team. Part of the reason for his success is because of the team that he has put together, the perfect synergy of talent and personalities.


For as long as I have known Jonathan he has been someone who has always lead by example and he is still the same to this day. Because he leads by example and because he is so well respected by others, they will very often follow that example and that is why he has one of the most successful law firms in Philly.


Finally it is Jonathan’s passion and energy for the law and the inner workings of the legal system as to why he has become such as success. He is committed to justice and he is one of the hardest working people that I have ever met. This drive and enthusiasm for the law is why he is able to motivate those around him and why he is able to keep on pushing in order to get the best results.

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