Michelle L Marquez – How To Write about Finance

During my time studying law I made great friends with a fellow student called Michelle L Marquez and she was absolutely obsesses with the stock market. In truth as the years went by I could see that Michelle was less interested in law and more interested in writing about finance, so it was no surprise that she would then go on to write about finance as a career, specializing in the stock exchange. I am an avid fan of Michelle’s writing and she has really been something of a trailblazer for women in the industry, especially around the stock market and we can all learn from her style.


You can always see that Michelle has really done her home work before writing a piece and no matter whether she is writing about stock options, securities trading, fraud prevention or something as mundane as an arbitration case, she always has her facts in place and she knows what she is talking about. Many finance writers like to give vague headlines or broad stroke opinions but those adjectives could never be said about Michelle L Marquez.


For many years the media within the finance industry would often side with the bankers and the CEOs and nobody ever really upset the apple cart. Michelle on the other hand relishes in upsetting the apple cart and over the years her work has uncovered a great amount of hidden truths. Never fearful of a backlash Michelle has always worked hard on one thing and one thing only, which is the truth. In fact this is far more commonplace in the world of financial writing now and I have no doubt that she is part of the reason for that.


 Some publications in the world of politics for example may have a particular side which they will champion and write about favorably but in the world of finance it is very much dog eat dog. Michelle is a brilliant writer and she is completely neutral. In fact very often she will praise a company in the same month that she lambasts them for their activities. It is this fairness that has won Michelle L Marquez a great degree of respect and it is why she often gets the big scoops first.


The one thing above all else which Michelle is gifted with is a beautiful ability to write. It doesn’t matter if she is not getting the best stories or if she is not able to write any kind of piece that she can get her teeth stuck into, no matter what she writes it reads perfectly and she has an outstanding grasp of pace, rhythm and tone. For anyone who wants to be a journalist the most important thing is that you have a natural ability to write and that is most certainly something which Michelle possesses.

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